MedDataXtract   Data-Integration at its simplicity

Company background

** Data-Integration at its simplicity **

The developers of MedDataXtract have years of experience as data integrator in the Health Sector. These developers have seen many possible improvements in the data integration section. Many of these ideas were brought together, which gave birth to a product called MedDataXtract. Our motto is to increase the efficiency of your organization. After using this tool, our users have reduced considerable amount of ETL development time, thereby saving cost and making the whole process efficient. We want you to be the next one, using our MedDataXtract, thereby creating an efficient Data-Integration layer of your organization.

Product offerings

  • MedDataXtract automates the data integration layer, where the entire process follows one standardized method of extraction in your organization, thereby creating a long term flexibility in administration.
  • Robust, cost-effective and fast delivery.
  • Pre-defined market defined datasets ex. EMR datasets.
  • Industry standard outputs ex. MS-SQL tables, ZIP, CSV, XML, FHIR, JSON, MS-EXCEL.
  • Connectivity through sFTP

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