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Traditional EMR system transport data to one centralized database in the hospital. This database would have most likely all the tables, which has been in use in the EMR system. Itís a challenge to provide subset of the EMR data to internal departments and external organizations.

Some may need only couple of tables for their reporting and some would need few columns from the table instead of all the columns. Also, the organizational data warehouse would need only those tables, which are needed for their periodic reporting.

These challenges are not limited to the health domain but also extends to other sectors. Companies hire Data Integrators to custom build ETL extractions, which brings challenges to the organization to administrator ETLs and also in-corporate organizational changes, based on the day-to-day requirements. The diagram illustrates such a scenario.

MedDataXtract simplifies the data integration layer, by allowing one standardized method of extraction in your organization. Click here to learn more about the product.

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